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Critical dialogue about fashion and fashion design. Discussions about collections, business of fash, design history encouraged. Superficial Discussions discouraged.
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 Why I started this Forum

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PostSubject: Why I started this Forum    Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:32 pm

I have requested to join the fashion spot forum, and was denied access - basically because one of their existing members didn't add me. Got me thinking - why would you make a forum exclusive? It only makes the conversation less interesting and more of the same ... If you are interesting in joining a fashion forum, and it is up to invite only … then how curated does that conversation become??? If the idea is to only "invite" like minded people … you're more than likely to "select" people who are just like you, instead of "attracting" like minded people from many diverse backgrounds.

This is my submission and reasoning for wanting to join the fashion spot.

My interests, in general: Conceptual Ideas behind fashion
Evolution of designers into the fashion industry of what exists today
The values designers have (or don't have) and how that is carried into and translated through their collections
Critiquing collections, the industry with like-minded individuals that I haven't been able to meet thus far - making new discoveries
Predictions of the future of fashion
Watching tech in fashion unfold
Culture's role
Interaction and conversation with people who truly care about fashion the way I do - not just as a passing trend, or a cool insta post - as a moment in our cultural history and what it reveals to us. Basically, for that deeper level...
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Why I started this Forum
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